Saturday, February 7, 2009

And we're off!

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Today was the "Kick-off Breakfast of Champions" at the Inner Harbor Hard Rock Cafe. It was mainly an opportunity to meet some of the people who have volunteered their time to make sure I finish 13.1 miles. There were a few speakers who have been touched by Leukemia or Lymphoma. I am definitely going to keep those people in the back of my mind when I am feeling unmotivated. When you have cancer, you can't put off your treatments because you don't feel like it!

So, tomorrow is the first day of training. I'm kind of relieved that we are going to be training at Fort McHenry for the next two weeks. Our coach had to move it from the NCR trail, because it is still icy. I'm also glad it's warming up a little this weekend. It's going to make it a little easier to pull myself out of bed at 7:00AM on Sunday!

Stay tuned. I will be bringing my camera to training to record the experience. If anything, I'll make sure to post some embarrassing pictures of myself after I've run. Should make it interesting!

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